Kellys Leather Goods Store

1790-92 Granville St.

(116-118 Granville St. prior to number conversion)


Built well over 100 years ago, this building is now (July 2006) undergoing demolition.  It was the subject of a considerable amount of debate.  An application for demolition was debated by regional council March 23rd, 2004 and March 30th, 2004.  Council's vote was deadlocked on the 23rd, but council voted against the demolition permit on March 30th.


March 22, 2005 The Halifax Herald Reports that an HRM staff report recommends that HRM Council undertake a feasibility study to "examine the possibility of incorporating the Kelly building into a new development that could be used by students of nearby NSCAD University."




10.1.1 Case H00108: Kelly Building, 1790 Granville Street, Halifax


MOVED by Councillor Uteck, seconded by Councillor Sloane, that Regional



1. Authorize an expenditure not to exceed $10,000 from HRM`s Commercial Heritage Incentives budget (Account C-730-8004) to provide 50% cost sharing on a study (see Terms of Reference in Attachment 6 of the March 16, 2005 staff report) to examine the feasibility of incorporating the Kelly building into a new development on condition that the owner agrees:

a. not to demolish the Kelly building before 17 April 2005; and

b. not to make a new demolition application until the outcome of the

feasibility study is known;


2. Approve in principle the demolition of the Kelly building pending the

outcome of the feasibility study, should the owner subsequently make a

new application to demolish.





June 2006: Background info...the text below is taken from a Memo to Halifax Regional Council dated June 20, 2006...




An old ad (1949) for the Kellys Granville St. location.


Photos above taken March 13, 2004

July 2, 2006 - Demolition has begun...

Photos above taken July 2, 2006

September 10, 2006 - All that remains is a cavity, but an interesting one.  On the west and south sides, its interesting to see how the adjacent TD building had to accommodate the old building; the raw concrete at the lower level contrasting with the mirrored glass above.  On the north side, I was interested in the roofline/silhouette that was revealed on the side of the building next door (see below).  

Photos above taken September 10, 2006