1591 Granville St.


This one's definitely not an architectural loss to the city.  If there's one thing I liked about Texpark is that you presented your ticket to a real person, not a machine (like the newer MetroPark facility on the other end of the block).  

  • Click here for the HRM announcement regarding bids for development of the property.

  • Click here for an article about an archeological project that was undertaken prior to construction of the MetroPark facility.  Hopefully that same opportunity will arise after Texpark is demolished.

  • Click here for a picture of the MetroPark facility as construction began.

  • Click here to view United Gulf Developments' proposal for the redevelopment of the 1591 Granville St. site.



Photo taken January 24, 2004


Now demolished:


Pictures above taken October 3, 2004