Fairview Cove Container Terminal

6708 Bayne St.

The end of Vimy Ave. was the perfect location to record this massive project taking shape. When Anne took these pictures in 1981, she was capturing history in the making.




My thanks go out to Pat and David Othen for taking this excellent picture of the same area in July 1973. Be sure to check out their website, Canadian Train Photographs: http://users.eastlink.ca/~othen/

Photos above courtesy of Anne Hebb

1252-1256 Hollis Street

(16-16 Hollis St. Prior to Number Conversion)


With a third story added, one might not, at first, recognize this is as the same building.  With street level shops, the building is also home to Acadia Suites, whose website says this of the building: "This hundred year old building, formerly the Acadian Hotel was completely renovated in 2004".



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Photo above courtesy of John van Gurp

Photo taken April 1953


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Photo above taken February 13, 2010




Bayers Road at Joseph Howe Dr.

This corner certainly has seen a lot of change over the years.  Note the trolley lines overhead and a house next to a gas station on the left, both gone now.  The old picture is undated, but it predates the construction of St. John's Anglican church on the corner (to the right in the photo) in 1959-60, also now demolished and replaced by Shoppers Drug Mart. The apartment building near the centre of the photograph is one constant feature.



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Bayers  @ Joseph Howe


Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-15.1

Used with Permission

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Photo above taken October 26, 2009


Agricola St. Near North Street


This is certainly a very recognizable corner in the city.  Now home to Gus' Pub & Grill  (2605 Agricola Street), when the original picture was taken the corner was home to Spic & Span Cleaners (143 Agricola Street - prior to street number conversion). The 1962 City Directory also shows a snack bar (Corner Snack Bar) at the location at 139 Agricola.





October 18, 2009

Photo above courtesy of John van Gurp

Photo above courtesy of John van Gurp



May 1973

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Holiday Inn Building

Robie  @ Quinpool

May 1973

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-266.1

Used with Permission


September 12, 2008



St. Paul Building, corner of Barrington and Prince Streets, Halifax


1684 Barrington Street


Built in 1897 and designed by J.C. Dumaresq, this is one of George Wright's commercial buildings.  George Wright, a successful businessman and Publisher, was born in 1849 in Dartmouth and died on the Titanic in 1912.


HRM's HRMbyDesign "Downtown Halifax Design Study" highlights the buildings architectural features:

"Architecturally, it stands as a completion of the late 19th century streetscape of which it is a part, and as a fine example in its own right of the Chicago Style influence that prevailed at the time of its construction."

"Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the building is its varied use of yellow and red brickwork and terra cotta to accentuate the cornices, string courses and window heads."

Some Former Tenants:

  • Manufacturer's Life Insurance

  • JC Dumaresq and son

  • New York Life Insurance Co.

  • Buckley Brothers

  • Great West Life Assurance Co.

  • Koolex Kleaners


Circa 1900

Photo above courtesy of Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, Halifax, NS



September 12, 2008


Some Relevant Links:


Encyclopedia Titanica George Wright Info

The Dumaresqs



Service Station - R.I.P.!


1962 City Directory 2006-07 Phone Book
52 10*

* It is difficult to make a comparison between these two sources; the 52 stations identified in the 1962 City Directory were almost all in peninsular Halifax; therefore from the recent phone book, only stations on the peninsula were included.  For a few photos depicting the demise of the Service Station in Halifax, see the Vestiges page.

Smile! - Dentists in Halifax

1907-08 City Directory 1962 City Directory 2005-06 Phone Book
15 47 106*
Miscellaneous Facts Miscellaneous Facts Miscellaneous Facts

7 of these Dentists, 46.67%, were on Barrington Street

3 on Barrington St. (6.38%)

6 on Spring Garden Road (12.77%)

8 on Coburg Rd. (17.02%)

8 on Quinpool Rd. (17.02%)

4 on Robie St. (8.51%)



*Approximately 106...I have separated the listings for what would have been considered "Halifax" in 1907-08 and 1960 for a fair comparison.  Areas like Clayton Park weren't developed at the time and would have been considered "county" at the time anyway.


Corner of Sackville and Grafton Streets

THEN (Advertisement from early 80's):

October 2003

Hotel Complex Under Construction


September 2008



Residence Inn by Marriott, now several years old

Restaurants: Then and Now

Comparing the 1962 City Directory to the most recent Telephone book reveals that a number of Halifax eateries have been around for a very long time (at least 40 years!).  Here are some that appear in both directories.  You will note that the address is different for many of these establishments.  In some cases the difference is due to the fact that in the early 1960's, street addresses in Halifax (at least on the peninsula) were renumbered.  This would account for the numbers that went from 2 digits to 4.  For those civic numbers that were already converted in 1962, I do not know the reason for the difference.  If you do, email me.
Ardmore Tea Room 
6495 Quinpool Rd.
Ardmore Tea Room 
6499 Quinpool Road
Cousin's Snack Bar 
37 Agricola Street
Cousin's Snack Bar 
2389 Agricola St.
Look Ho Ho Restaurant 
66 Bayer's Road
Look Ho Ho Restaurant 
6420 Bayer's Road
Robie Food Chop Suey House 
3097 Robie Street
Robie Food Chop Suey 
3095 Robie Street
Willman's Fried Foods Ltd.
40 Kane St.
Willman's Fried Foods Ltd.
5644 Kane St.
Midtown Tavern
64 Grafton Street
Midtown Tavern & Grill Ltd.
1684 Grafton St.
Town and Country Restaurant
Home of Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken
6310 Quinpool Road
6310 Quinpool Road

Street Names: Then and Now

A look at a map of Halifax from 1894 reveals some street names that have changed over the last century and several are gone completely.
Miller St Point Pleasant Drive
King Street Dublin Street
Paris Street Almon Street (West of Windsor Street)
Longard Street Robie Street (North of North Street)
Hurd's Lane Gone (Scotia Square Development)
Jacob Street Gone (Scotia Square Development)
Buckingham Street Gone (Scotia Square Development)
Kline Street Part of Connaught Ave.  In a later map of Halifax, this part is referred to as North Kline Street.
McCollough Street Oxford Street North of North Street
Pleasant Street, Lockman Street and Campbell Road Barrington Street
Rottenburg Street Clyde Street

Business/Professional Establishments: Then and Now

Once again a comparison of the Halifax City Directory from 1962 and 2000 reveals that our demand for some things has increased considerably, decreased considerably for others and some haven't changed much at all!
Number of Listings in City Directory
Number of Listings in City Directory
Auto Dealers
Shoe Repair Shops
Veterinary Hospitals

Shopping Centres: Then (1981) and Now (2002)

Can you guess which stores have remained constant over the last 21 years?
Shopping Centre Number of Stores Listed in 1981 Telephone Directory Number of Stores Listed in 2002 Telephone Directory Number of Stores Listed in 1981 That are Still in the Same Shopping Centre, 21 Years Later
Scotia Square
Bayers Road Shopping Centre (now called "The Village at Bayers Road")
Quinpool Centre


Remember the old sign?