Westmount Subdivision


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Some Facts and Trivia About Westmount Subdivision



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Photos above restored and scanned by Michael Almon

  • World War II veterans were given the first chance to purchase the homes

  • The property was turned over to the city by the army

  • The first sod on the 305 unit Westmount subdivision was turned in March 1948

  • An onsite factory was established in the former army drill hall for the pre-cutting of construction materials on a mass scale

  • All units were built from four basic designs

  • A unique feature of the subdivision was the layout of the houses - driving through the subdivision you are essentially looking at the back yard of the houses.  As described in the Halifax Mail at the time, "service streets wind along the rear lot lines and all houses will face on spacious park strips where children can play in safety, far removed from traffic lanes".

  • Wartime servicemen's' huts were demolished during the construction of the subdivision, and some material from the demolition was used in the construction


Some streets in the Westmount subdivision were named after Halifax Servicemen who lost their lives during World War II.  For an excellent article on this, check out this link to the The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Newsletter for Dec. 2001 / Jan. 2002.




Some Companies Involved in the Construction


Hagen & Co. Halifax Ltd. (Plumbing and Heating)

Mersey Woodworkers Limited (Millwork)

Salsman & Sons Limited (Painting, decorating, linoleum floors)

Brookfield Construction Co., Ltd. (Builders)