Gladstone Ridge


There's something I like about this development.  I like the "retro" feel of the houses being built in the front, and I like the fact that whoever picked the names for the development went with names that are historically linked to the area.  For an idea of what will eventually develop  here, check out the website


Photos above taken September 30, 2007


Photos above taken March 12, 2006



Mont Blanc Terrace



Mont Blanc Terrace is a good example of how hot the real estate market on the peninsula is.  In the north end of the city, houses are being built on a dwindling amount of previously vacant land and selling very quickly, it would appear.  Recent examples include Rockhead on the Peninsula (no question about the appeal of the peninsula in that name!), new homes on Memorial Drive and now Mont Blanc Terrace.  The "Mont Blanc" name did raise a few eyebrows initially.  This development overlooks the very area where the French munitions ship, Mont Blanc, exploded on December 6, 1917, and devastated the Richmond area, killing nearly 2000 people. The name is certainly an unforgettable one in this city.


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Living at Mont Blanc



Photos taken November 1, 2003


Ingliwood Condominiums


More condos on the peninsula-this time on Inglis Street. The older building was renovated to provide an additional ten condo units.


Photos taken November 1, 2003



Fairmount Ridge Subdivision


I took this picture on a dreary day in February 2003.  The picture was taken at the entrance to White Glove Terrace.  If you drive by this area now you will notice quite a bit of development underway.


Lacewood Drive


Lacewood Drive, just before you enter the Bayers Lake Business Park, is the site of some major construction.  It has seen some major projects develop over the last couple of years (i.e.. Home Depot, Bank of Montreal, the Keshen-Goodman Library, etc).  There's still empty space on this stretch, but not much, as the gaps are filling in very quickly.  I've captured a couple of the buildings that were under construction  in April 2002.



Pictures Above Taken April 2002


Corner of Hollis and Salter Streets


The corner of Hollis and Salter Streets in Halifax was busy in 2001 with the construction of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel and the MetroPark facility.



Downtown Residential


Undoubtedly the biggest trend for downtown development lately is residential.  Pictured above is just one residential development under construction in 2002, on the corner of Barrington and Green. (Click for larger image)



West End Mall/Halifax Shopping Centre Annex

In 2001-2002 The West End Mall (Halifax Shopping Centre Annex) saw some significant renovations.  The Sears store moved across the street to the former location of the Eaton's store in the Halifax Shopping Centre.  The Sobey's store in Halifax Shopping Centre moved across the road to the "Annex" and a new Wal-Mart store was constructed adjacent to the new Sobey's store (how many of you can remember when Sobey's had a store both in West End Mall and at the Halifax Shopping Centre?).  I managed to capture a few photos during the construction/renovation phase at the West End Mall/Halifax Shopping Centre Annex.


Pictures Above Taken April 2001

Pictures Above Taken October 2001

Pictures Above Taken April 2002


Construction Links


Below I've listed a few construction related websites that have some good photos of some of the larger construction projects in the city.

JW Lindsay