Some of the photos below are my own, others are from the HRM or Provincial archives (used with permission) and others have been sent to me from visitors to this website who share my vision of sharing these images and glimpses into the city's past.

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Photo courtesy of John van Gurp.  John describes the photo:


"This was on Duke Street where my father had his shop "Vangurp Electronics", previously occupied by Halcraft Printers founded by the late Leo Arkelian.  This Duke Street location is somewhere in the Scotia Square block today."




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Photo above courtesy of Stephen Archibald


Construction of an extension to the Dresden Arms Motor Hotel (c. 1966) Note the Park Victoria building under construction in the background.



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Photo above courtesy of Eric Keeble


The Dresden Arms Motor Hotel (5530 Artillery Place) opened in the early 60's. In this photo from the 80's, you can see Park Lane under construction in the background.










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Natal Day Soapbox Derby

Undated (prob. early 70's)

Photo from HRM Archives 102-106-1-2.7

Used with Permission







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"Colonel Ernie" Edwards met Colonel Harland Sanders in the 50's and the Town & Country Restaurant at 6310 Quinpool Road became the first restaurant in Nova Scotia to serve Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a very successful franchise and continues today at that location under the KFC logo/brand.





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Photo above courtesy of Eric Keeble


The Dresden Arms Motor Hotel (5530 Artillery Place) opened in the early 60's. In this photo from the 80's, you can see Park Lane under construction in the background.



If I had a Time Machine...



Louis Armstrong ticket donated to halifaxhistory.ca by Gerry Marshall.  Gerry informs that the line up that night included: Louis Armstrong-trumpet and vocals, Jack Teagarden-trombone and vocals, Cozy Cole-drums, Earl "Fatha" Hines-piano.






The Majestic Theatre opened in 1918.  Below is the playbill for "Erstwhile Susan". A handwritten note on the back page states "Went to see this play with Arnold Apr 27, 1923"

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For more information on the Majestic Theatre, click here.


Ads in the booklet include: Ben's Bakery, Cousins Dry Cleaning, The Green Lantern Restaurant, Kinley's, The Western Meat Market, Rosebank Park Lots and Boutilier's Fish Market.



Playbill courtesy of Colin Nordqvist









Brunswick Street Streetscape at the foot of the Citadel/ International Naval Parade in background. 

Undated (mid 1960's)

Contributed by John van Gurp


If you have any additional details about the Naval Parade or the photo in general, please email me at webmaster@halifaxhistory.ca




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21 Lady Hammond Road

May 30, 1963

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-170

Used with Permission


Lady Hammond Road looking West - you can see the old Coca-Cola plant down the street to the left.  Andy's became Cousin's Restaurant which is still thriving on this corner.


For a little history of Cousin's Restaurant, look here:






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331 Dutch Village Road

April 28, 1958

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-73.1

Used with Permission


I'm not sure exactly where this would have been on Dutch Village Road.   If you have any details or information about this picture, please email me: webmaster@halifaxhistory.ca






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Unknown date - although the cars visible in the background ('63 Chev/'64 Comet) suggest the picture is probably from the mid 1960's (thanks Greg)

Near the Moirs plant, 128 Argyle St., Halifax



Natal Day Parade - 1953

Contributed by Steve Smith



Natal Day Parade Reviewing Stand - 1953

Contributed by Steve Smith

The helpful folks at hfx.general have identified the location as Spring Garden Road in front of the Sacred Heart School




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Robie Street @ Young Street

April 1, 1963

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-412.1

Used with Permission


A few notes on this picture from the helpful folks at hfx.general and visitors to this website:

  • The building in the foreground at the corner of Young and Monaghan was Oland Brewery's Grain Drying Building.

  • The building at the lower left is the B-H paint factory

  • The Young Street fire station is just out of frame on the left, you can see the white posts that marked its driveway. The ball field that was behind it had been moved to Ft Needham by 1963

  • Demolition of the "Wellington Court" buildings is evident in the lower right portion of the photo.

  • The smaller building behind the Piercey's main building was the milling building

  • To the left of the CJCH (now CTV) building was the Minuteman Auto wash, the first automated car wash in N.S.

  • Note also a section of Sullivan street next to the main Oland's building that is now gone, usurped by the expanded Oland's plant




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5640 Spring Garden Rd.

(162 Spring Garden Road before number conversion)

Note Dominion Store in background (5661 Spring Garden Road)

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-305-2

Used with Permission







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North End Halifax/N.S.I.T.

April 26, 1963

Photo from HRM Archives 102-39-1-413

Used with Permission






Boy's hockey team - Fairview School (Titus Smith) 


Front row: Sherman Murphy, Ken Burge, Norman Bamfield, Jimmy Backman, John
Frizel, Billy Mitchell
Back row:  Bob Brocklebank, Marvin Bamfield, Wallace Snow, Carl Sheppard, Fred Edwards, Eric Sheppard, Zane Moore

For some info on Titus Smith School, see the following link:

The History of Fairview Heights Elementary School


If you went to Titus Smith School and have any pictures or memories to share, please e-mail me at webmaster@halifaxhistory.ca





(circa 1955)

This is my uncle's grade 8 class photo.  Unfortunately, 2 of the Haligonians in this picture passed away in 2007.  On January 19, 2007, Denny Doherty passed away.  Denny was best known for being one quarter of the famous "Mamas and Papas"; he also played the Harbour Master on Theodore Tugboat.  Denny is on the third row from the bottom, third from the left (wearing checkered shirt).  On Sunday August 19, my uncle, bottom row, 1st on the left, passed away.


If you recognize anyone else in the photo, please e-mail me at webmaster@halifaxhistory.ca.


Thanks to John, Jack and Donna for the following info:

The school is Alexander McKay School, Russell Street. The teacher is Bill Dishlin. On the 1st row, 2nd from left is John "Butch" Clarke, on the 2nd row, 2nd from left is William "Billy" Brinkman.  3rd row, 4th from left is Doug McGrath.


Thanks to Mike for the following:

2nd row from bottom, 3rd from left, Carmichael, , 4th from left, Wheatley.  Top row, 2nd from right Somers, 3rd from right is Mcginnes


Added April 21, 2010:

Third row from bottom 4th from left between Denny Doherty and Doug McGrath is Brian Fleming


Added August 23, 2011


Top row 2nd from left, David Clarke. 3rd from left, Edmond Ryder. 5th from left, Gerald McGinnes

3rd row from bottom, between Bill Dishlin and Denny Doherty is Ken Crane.

2nd row from bottom, 4th from left, Ron Wheatley (thanks to Ron for this info)





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Ryer's Service Station

6515 Quinpool Road

circa 1953





Halifax Shopping Centre in the 60's




Poll Tax Bill from 1965 (Click to view enlarged image)





Aerial view of Ashburn Golf Course and surrounding area (Fairmount, School Ave) before the Bi-Hi (click image to enlarge)




An advertisement for Eaton's (on Barrington Street) from 1953.




An advertisement for Kline's 254-256 Gottingen 

(2158 Gottingen Street after number conversion)



Skating at Chocolate Lake - 1941

Contributed by S. Burns



Serving Container
Green Lantern Restaurant
409 Barrington Street - Halifax



The Official Bicentenary Guide Book
Summer of 1949

An ad for Simpson's that appeared in the Bicentenary Guide Book (above)



Unknown persons, at what I am told is the corner of Buckingham Street
and Barrington Street

Similar to the picture above at the corner of Buckingham and Barrington;
in this one you can see the Buckingham Tavern in the Background

Central Driveway - Fairview Cemetery - In Halifax - Warden of the North,
Thomas Raddall describes the locations of 3 blockhouses, connected by narrow
military roads that were built to protect immigrants who settled further away from
the main townsite. As he describes, "the north blockhouse was near the present
entrance of Fairview Cemetery on Windsor Street, and the central driveway
of the cemetery is all that remains of the old military road."


"Hangin Out With The Guys" - Wellington Court (Almon Street,
Halifax) Circa 1958.  For more information and pictures of
Wellington Court, see the "Vanishing City" page.


Map of Halifax from 1962 shows the streets downtown as they were before
the Scotia Square development and the Cogswell interchange (note the streets
now gone: Buckingham, Jacob, Hurd, Poplar, Grove, Starr, Proctor).



The three old bottles to the left were discovered when the land was being prepared for the construction of the Canada Post facility on Almon Street, around 1976.  For an excellent article on Felix J. Quinn (see third bottle), see this site.